Shingles (NY) ▲ TALsounds ▲ Lord Mute ▲ Immanence Front

@ Elastic Arts

9PM | $10 | Facebook Event

CHICAGO! Amazing show in honor of our friend Jesse who's in town from the BIG APPLE to perform as Shingles. Incredibly beautiful compositions for synthesizer and EVI. NOT TO MISS!

Lord Mute
Immanence Front

Shingles: On your from NYC, the Grasshopper and Hexbreaker Quartet member rips solos on his strange electronic trumpet over ebullient synth jams for the post apocalypse. 

TALsounds: Hot off the release of her latest LP Love Sick, weaving synth and voice loops into haunting melodic electronic music. 

Lord Mute: J Soliday and Mukqs collab for brain-breaking rapid collage music that's like crack for today's vast hoards of the attention depleted. 

Immanence Front - Gerritt Hatcher + Alex Grimes = electronics, strings, winds. Chicago's finest.