Night Terror ▲ Matchess + TALsounds  

@ Elastic Arts

9PM | $10 | Facebook Event

Night Terror is the electronic project of Tyson Thurston (Ga’an, Magical Beautiful), focused on darkened textures and disorienting, polymetric vigilance. Tonight, NT performs a purpose-written, long-form piece utilizing a quadraphonic soundsystem sourced from a 20-input mixer. Assists come from Nick Broste (Herculaneum, Magical Beautiful) on trombone and Whitney Johnson (Matchess, Simulation) on viola. Recreational marijuana is now legal in eight of these United States. It's a shame that Illinois has not yet legalized it, because those so inclined might enjoy experiencing the quadraphonic system under its influence.

Tonight is the second collaborative performance between Whitney Johnson (Matchess) and Natalie Chami (TALsounds), both master conjurors of vistas vast and mighty. Earth and air together: what emerges when these two combine?