CHANDELIERS, Good Willsmith, x^2

The Carleton Cave


The Cave is very excited to host two awesome bands from Chicago (with x^2, a Carleton act, also playing in support). 


"One of the best-sounding albums I've heard in a while, full of deep, rich bass and ethereal but warm synth pads, which they apply to novel hybrids of a diverse range of styles—Krautrock, dub, new-agey ambient."
- Chicago Reader

Good Willsmith

"And ultimately, even though there’s a method to the madness, this is a triumph of performance over all else, essentially the best live record of the year-- though planned and practiced, the seven-part suite was recorded as a single-take performance. Like all good jammers, there are those rare, special, nigh-inexplicable times you tune into a nameless ether, a silent communication, a sense or spirit that is hard to define by any other method than by willing yourself into vessels. Again, though there’s math behind the music, there’s no real human explanation. It’s just a really fucking good show."