The Zoneward Bound Tour 2012 is headed to:
August 9th – Seattle, WA – The Comet Tavern, w/ Thousand Statues, Operation ID, Cat Among Pigeons
August 11th – Portland, OR – Little Axe Records
August 12th – Portland, OR – Valentine’s, w/ Sombre Reptiles (Plankton Wat project) and Wild Thing
August 13th – Arcata, CA – Venue TBA
August 14th – San Francisco, CA – The Hemlock Tavern, w/ Sutekh Hexen, Common Eider King Eider, and Jon Porras
August 15th – Los Angeles, CA – Venue TBA
August 18th – Austin, TX – Wardenclyffe Gallery
August 19th – Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land, w/ Tanner G., Astrogenic Hallucinauting
August 20th – New Orleans, LA – Big Top Gallery
More info and more dates will be coming soon!  Hope to see you in one of these zones!