Good Willsmith + Elisa Faires (NC) + XAMBUCA (NC) + Gardener

The Archer Beach Haus

7PM | Donation | Facebook Event

Good Willsmith - Astronomical sounds
Good Willsmith processes guitars, synths, found physical media, and voices through multi-track looping hardware and chains of electronics. The trio incorporates elements of ambient, drone, noise, kosmische, minimalist, metal and Indian classical musics into long-form structured improvisations that overflow with volume and texture.

Elisa Faires (Asheville) - Shamanic sounds
Elisa Faire's vocals emanate sensations from an ethereal other world while her music invokes a timeless atmospheric familiarity; together culminating into the soundtrack for a dream. Once a student of Dr. Richard Moog.

X A M B U C A (Asheville) - Dark sounds
XAMBUCA does not really exist in the material space time continuum. Instead, XAMBUCA conceptually feeds on the subconscious figment of a host's imagination; a host that has a tendency to encounter its name or symbols in passing by mere coincidence.

Gardener - Lush sounds
Synthesizer, vocal loops, other noise.