The Balla, Boccioni & Severini Trio Trio, with Mako Sica (& Friends) 

@ The Owl

9PM | $Free | Facebook Event

...An all-new group consisting of one of Chicago's finest among the least definable and most adventuresome multi-instrumental composers, DANIEL BURKE (Illusion Of Safety), along with members of the always magical and ever expanding meta-prog outfit CHEER-ACCIDENT. We don't know what to expect! We do know for certain that it will be nothing less than spectacularly spellbinding and stupefying!


Always a perfect blend of psych and otherworldly sounds in and amongst themselves, with the very unique stylings that only BRENT FUSCALDO (guitar, vocals), PRZEMYSLAW KRZYSZTOF DRAZEK (guitars), and CHAETEN NEWELL (percussion, keys, and other instruments) can create as they do!! - tonight they will also be joined by marvelously unconventional music pals JAMES BAKER (Extraordinary Popular Delusions, Witches and Devils - whose history in Chicago's experimental/ jazz scene is herculean), CAROL GENETTI (one of the most exceptional experimental vocalists in Chicago history), and super-visionary multi-instrumentalist NATALIE CHAMI (TALsounds)...along with myself (Mark Shippy - of US Maple, Miracle Condition, etc) - for a rare improv collaboration - as I am extremely happy to have the great fortune to have another dynamic mix of talent coalescing here, this being the last Sunday for my June residency at The Owl!