Horse LordsGood Willsmith / Quicksails

@ The Burlington  
3425 W. Fullerton, Chicago IL 

9 PM, 21+

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Horse Lords are a quartet based in Baltimore and they're touring all of the USA. The band transmutes experimental tactics (polyrhythm, arcane tunings and modular synthesis) into direct, muscular and surprisingly funky songs. The result is an ambitious sound with the volume, energy and density of great rock music but an expansive wanderlust that draws on a wider range of reference points. Using the just intonation tuning system favored by avant garde composers such as La Monte Young and James Tenney, the group's playing acknowledges the conservatory but just as freely draws upon krautrock, post-punk, Appalachian and African musical traditions.


Good Willsmith processes guitars, synths, found physical media, and voices through multi-track looping hardware and chains of electronics. The trio incorporates elements of ambient, drone, noise, kosmische, minimalist, metal and Indian classical musics into long-form structured improvisations that overflow with volume and texture.


Rhythmic drone electribe wizard / drum master / Tiger Hatcher Ben Billington warps our minds and moves our head from side to side as Quicksails.