TALsounds - Love Sick

via Ba Da Bing Records.


From 'Love Sick,' out June 2nd, 2017 via Ba Da Bing Records. 

See the video for “Disgrace” (directed by Sarah Zucker) here. 

TALsounds - Lifter + Lighter


C45 - pink shell with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + cassette. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from Devin Mawdsley and Max Allison. 


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released October 14, 2016 

TALsounds is Natalie Chami: 
Voice, synths, oscillators, effect pedals, loop pedals. 

All sessions recorded live at home in 2015. Presented without overdubs. 

Mixed and mastered by Erik Masmussen. 

Art by Devin Mawdsley. Prose by Rose Pacult.

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TALsounds - natal host

Music for Intention and Growth

Moog Music, Ace Hotel & Twin Springs Tapes Promote Introspection Through Analog Sound With Purpose-Driven Sound Series + Moogfest 2016 Ticket Giveaway

Analog Objective
Moog Music announces the release of “Music For Intention & Growth: A Purpose-Driven Sound Series”, in collaboration with Twin Springs Tapes and Ace Hotel. Produced exclusively for the compact cassette, the series features electronic compositions from sound-artists on Twin Springs Tapes, a cassette-only recording label delivering “stimulating sounds to aide in your experience of being.”

"Celebrating joyful experimentation and inspiring growth through creative expression is our happy place. Ace and Twin Springs have helped us get this good stuff out into the world. We love them for their partnership." - Emmy Parker, Moog Music Brand Director

Available free at select record stores* on Record Store Day [April, 16 2016], “Music For Intention & Growth: A Purpose-Driven Sound Series” highlights the organic nature of analog sound, pairing the output of Moog’s handcrafted electronics with the unmistakable warmth of magnetic tape. The series consists of 3 individually distributed tapes featuring auditory explorations of the newly released Moog Mother-32 Analog Synthesizer as conducted by Inner TravelsKyle Landstra and TALsounds.

Listening Environments
Ace Hotel will play the works off of vintage cassette decks in select public spaces across all Ace Hotels at 6pm local time on Record Store Day. Fans are welcome to go listen, enjoy and go home with a tape while supplies last.

BlackBook will exclusively premiere a digital stream of Side A from each cassette.

Moog Music will include cassettes in Moog Mother-32 synthesizer boxes while supplies last.  

Invisible Intelligence

A limited run of select tapes will contain a unique audio transmission alerting the listener that they have won a free pair of tickets to attend Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC [May 19-22].  Winning tapes will be mixed in among the tapes distributed to Ace Hotel, Harvest Records [Asheville], Static Age Records [Asheville], and All Day Records [Durham], Carolina Soul [Durham], Schoolkids Records [Durham], Bull City Records [Durham].

*Participating Record Stores: Harvest Records / Static Age Records / All Day Records / Carolina Soul / Schoolkids Records / Bull City Records

released April 11, 2016 

TALsounds is Natalie Chami 
All sessions recorded live at home to one track, no overdubs, on December 17th and 18th, 2015 and January 3rd and 4th, 2016. 
Editing: Natalie Chami and Erik Rasmussen. 
Post Production: Erik Rasmussen.

TALsounds - Live Spool's Out Session, March 2016

For episode 48 or Spool’s Out it’s an exclusive session recorded in Chicago just for us by the mighty TALsounds. The solo project of Natalie Chami from Good Willsmith, TALSounds put out one of our favourite tapes of 2015, littering improvised synthesizer soundscapes with beautiful melodies and Chami’s haunting vocals.

TALsounds - Squid Time Continuum

Tabs Out #11:
TALsounds “Squid Time Continuum” C33

Devastating synth and vocal work from Natalie Chami of Good Willsmith. Professionally duplicated cassette, packaged with a double-sided, 4-panel Jcard inside of a bedazzled Ocard. Donations close 11/30/15.

Tabs Out Subscription Series tapes are only available to people who make Chrome Donations to the podcast. They are limited to the number of Chrome Donators (plus a copy for the artists), hand numbered, and personalized. You can download digital versions on our Bandcamp.

TALsounds - All The Way


Artist: TALsounds
Album: All The Way
Release Date: 5/26/2015
Hausu Mountain, HAUSMO 32

C42 - Purple tape with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + tape. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from Marie Sommers.

Find out more info about this album on its page in the catalog.

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TALsounds - Medium Strong

Choral vocals. Floating synthesizer motifs. High end improvisation.These are just a few of the things that go into making TALsounds one of the finest in the modern Ambient-Experimental scene. TALsounds is Natalie Chami, whom some may know as a member of Chicago-based Drone group Good Willsmith. Her solo material is less Experimental and more deep "Meditation Music."

Mixed at Observatory Studios by Erik Rasmussen. 

Art by Tanner Garza.

Released by Bookend Recordings
Limited Edition of 28 on purple & dark blue cassette shells with purple & blue labels.
released 01 January 2015 

TALsounds & Steffi Neuhuber - barren is

Far from her native Vienna, Austria, Steffi Neuhuber met Natalie Chami at an experimental show at Collaboraction during a visit to Chicago. Their friendship blossomed by way of their shared interests in electro-acoustic improvisation, ambient music, and strong feminism in the experimental music scene. "barren is" documents a series of the duo's live sessions, presented here as recorded at Chami's home, without overdubs. the musicians sought to build a shared language in their short time together, pieced together from delay trails, long loops, suspended synth tones, and whispered vocalization. Neuhuber performed on contrabass recorder. Chami sang, played synthesizers, and processed/looped sounds with pedals. 

Released by Cosmic Winnetou 
chrome tape, 
home-dubbed in real time. 
professionally printed j-card. 
artwork by sylvia monnier. 
limited to 75 hand-numbered copies. 

asphodel - 
aoikigahara, the black sea of trees 
TALsounds & steffi neuhuber - 
barren is 

Side A: "No Church"TALsounds is Natalie Chami Recorded live at WNUR, April 2013 (engineered by Ethan Simonoff) EHX 2880 Multi-Track Looper, Roland Juno-60, Korg Lambda ES50, contact microphone, Grendel Drone Commander (Eric Archer), Line6 DL4, EHX Cathedral Reverb. Side B: "A Mouth Down To Earth"greyghost is Brian Griffith Recorded live at Chateaux Shaman Tree Fort, December 2012 Line6 DL4, tenor bass guitar, handheld radio, effects by ZVex, EHX, Digitech.Solo live performances, no overdubs. Volume 2. 

Cassette Tape – C41 – Imprinted tape, pro dubbed, download code included. 

Shipping July 22nd! Limited to 100. 

Order here: 

released 22 July 2013 

TALsounds - Sky Face

Roland Juno-60, Korg Lambda ES50, Grendel Drone Commander (Eric Archer), EHX 2880, EHX Cathedral, Line6 DL4. 

Meditations, loops, slow inhalations - music and lyrics improvised, culled from past experience, seen briefly underwater. 
Recorded live at home, no overdubs: October 2011 - February 2013. 

Thanks to: Brian, Doug, Max, Steffi, Kriss, and Screaming Claws 

Released by Notes and Bolts on casette - 6/11/2013 
Edition of 100.

released 11 June 2013

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